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DIY Backyard Zip Line

Thinking of building your own zip line out of scraps? Check out this crazy guy who built a Frankenstein zip line out of everything but the kitchen sink. He claims that it's the longest personal zip lines ever built at a whopping 500 feet long!

Although I wouldn't recommend this unless you ABSOLUTELY know what you're doing.
To start all you really need is cable (1/4"-5/16" galvanized steel zip line cable), a trolley, wire clips, a zip line spring stop, and two stable anchors (preferable trees 2-3 feet wide)
check out this DIY Cable Kit.
DIY Cable Kit at

Next you need to run the cable through your trolley and your spring stop. The trolley should sit on the zip line cable and the spring stop should be positioned at the end of the zip line. This is how you will slow to a stop. Next secure your cable around the two anchors using the wire clips, you want about a 6% grade or slope from start to finish.
Next you need to use either a turnbuckle or a ratchet kit to tighten the zip line. There were always be a slight dip in the zip line, that's normal. Next you can weight test your zip line, pull on it and let it bear all of your weight, there should be enough tension that you're not weighing the whole thing down. Once you're finished doing that you're done!

Extras you may want to pick up:
tree protector blocks
trolley attachments (seats, harnesses)
bungee cable
stop block

Want more professional options? Check out this video: Good Luck, and remember : Build at your own risk, it's always better to purchase a whole kit than risk injury!


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