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Zip Line History

Whether you are an experienced thrill seeker or you are just trying to get over your fear of heights, a ride on a zip line is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. But do you know the history behind zip lines? Where did these cable/trolley systems originally come from? Why were they first created?

Zip Lines Date Back  all the Way to the 1800’s
Though no one is really sure when the first zip line was created, we do know that zip lines were pretty popular in the 1800’s. Famous author H.G. Wells even mentioned the zip lines as a mean of transportation in his well-known novel The Invisible Man in 1897. In the book the zip line was referred to as an ‘incline strong.’ Weird right?

Zip Lines Were Created Out of Necessity
What we know about zip lines today as an exciting afternoon adventure, were actually built as a means to transport people and valuable goods across rough terrain. Some anthropologists and historians believe that people in hard to reach areas like the Himalayan Mountain Ranges have used zip lines as a means to transport goods for over a hundred years!

Zip Lines Are Growing in Popularity
Zip lines have been growing in popularity ever since, besides the amazing zip line courses that you can find mostly in Pennsylvania and even now the Cape May Zoo has a zip line course. But did you know that you can buy a zip line kit for your backyard? Yes! Check out Zip Line Stop, you can purchase a zip line kit online and literally have it set up within a week with little to no tools. Zip lines have sure come a long way since their humble beginnings in the 19th century. Today zip lines are considered one of the most popular attraction adventures available to thrill seekers, and backyard adventurers!


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