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Indoor Zip Line Build

I get it, you're sitting around bored, you have a huge house, so what do you do? Build an indoor zip line! I found this crazy video on you tube about kids who literally have houses big enough to build a zip line inside them. Although they should probably be on the world's most spoiled kids list, it's still pretty fascinating to watch their creativity. Check out the video:

I guess they took a tip from probably the world's biggest indoor zip line course "Barnacle Blast" at the Mall of America.

This place looks crazy, roller coasters, zip lines, carousels, what the hell is going on here?  My tips on building an indoor zip line: BUY A ZIP LINE KIT! Don't try and make your own out of old rope, some bike handlebars, and a crazy mindset. You can find some cheap ones online, and it just might save you from a disaster. Carry on thrill seekers!

More info on building zip lines: Build a Zip Line 


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