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Scary Zip Line Fail Compilation

As any adrenaline junkie knows there is always a risk for catastrophic failure. Sometimes it's just some dumb fail and we have compiled the craziest zip line fails on the web. Remember, this is the reason why when you go on any zip line you should follow all of the rules, instructions, and riding technique to avoid something bad happening. My first video comes from who other than Roman Atwood Vlogs, he's known for his crazy stunts and now for his crazy zip line fail.

This is the Sabang Zipline in Puerto Princesa in Palawan Philippines. Its 800 meter long, and 150 feet above sea level, the longest zipline over water.This guy got left hanging in the middle, due to a strong winds. Some random guy had to pull this poor man back all the way to the end.

In this next video, the dude weighs 400 pounds, yes 400 POUNDS and just can't hold onto the zip line. I'm sure he's so glad that he has friends like the ones that posted this video on YouTube. Haha. He does fall pretty gracefully though, so that's good!

Now for your grand finale of zip line fails, a full on compilation of the funniest zip line fails on YouTube. I feel sorry for these people...kind of :-)


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