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What is a zip line trolley?

What is a zip line trolley?

One of the most important parts of a zip line is the trolley, a trolley is a triangular piece of steel that sits on the zip line cable and slides along it. It also what the rider hangs onto, some trolleys have built in speed control, others have handles, while some may even offer seating attachments.

This pink zip line trolley is just one of the many variations that you can buy, they come in different assortments of colors for easy customization. This particular trolley would work best for zip lines that go over top of water because the rider can easily drop off because they are not attached to the trolley in any way.
This is a black raptor trolley, it is supposed to be one of the quickest moving trolleys around because it has the dual ball bearings. As you can see this trolley doesn't have handles, it only offer an opening for the carbiner to clip on. The carabiner attaches different seating arrangements such as a seat or harness.

This is an Alien Flier trolley, it offers handles and an attachment for a harness or seat. This is one of the most kid friendly trolleys on the market because it offers a built in speed control trigger directly on the trolley. This is best for younger kids under 7 because it makes them feel more comfortable while riding the zip line because it gives them more control.
While I have went over the basic types of trolleys, manufacturers are always coming up with new and innovative way to make zip lining more appealing so the designs may change with time - but the basic design is set in stone. 


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